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About us

Maeser was born in American Fork, UT.  He is the youngest of eight siblings.  By the time he was three, Maeser was already showing an interest in creating and drawing.  He would spend hours drawing, coloring, gluing, taping or creating different “costumes” to made-up stories he, his siblings or other neighborhood children acted out.

During his grade school, Jr. High and High School years, he won many awards for his creative writing, drawing, and painting.  He designed the cover for his grade school’s yearbook, won an award for best story and drawings while in the sixth grade, was commissioned by the Jr. High School to paint a mural on their large gym wall.  That mural is still there today.  He won several other awards during his high school years.  He was always creating and sharing his talents with others.  His passion for creating and sharing was now growing within him, although he didn’t know exactly how that would be.

During his junior year in high school, Maeser came home one day and told his mother that even though all these years he had gone by his first name of John, he wanted to be called by his middle name, Maeser.  It had reference to his great-great grandfather, Karl G. Maeser, who was a teacher and who taught a “higher learning” concept throughout his entire life. So, Maeser it was!!

While serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two years in the Osorno Chile Mission, he became more and more aware of what he could do and formulated in his mind the goals he wanted to reach.  He wanted to use his talents and gifts in a positive, motivational, inspiring way to teach this “higher learning” concept like his ancestor.

His dreams and goals were delayed for a few years, when after his mission, while attending school, he was injured playing basketball.  He was rushed to the hospital where for the next several hours he had seizures. When they finally stopped, he was paralyzed on the right side of his body.  He could not speak and his memory was also affected where he could not remember many of the events of the past year or two. 

Physical therapy followed for several months.  The seizures still came, and after a two-year battle of trying to diagnosis him, the doctors found the problem silently laid in his heart.  Heart surgery followed and brought new energy and hope back into his life.  He married his sweetheart and they are the parents of four healthy, beautiful children.

Eager now to fulfill his purpose and share his gifts, MaeserArt has been created.  He, too, is ready to go forward embracing and sharing the higher learning values with all those within his reach.

Nathan was born in American Fork, Utah.  He is the sixth child of eight siblings and is an older brother to Maeser Anderson.  While just a young boy, his ability to stay focused, work hard and complete tasks was strengthened in his everyday decisions and work habits.  He started working when he was thirteen earning wages to help pay for a Scout Jamboree trip, to help his single mother financially, to go on a mission, and later go to college.

When he was thirteen, he had developed an interest in the growing world of technology and would spend hours studying from computer catalogs that he would order in the mail.  Little did anyone know at the time that he was preparing for his future career in the IT world.

Nathan served a two-year mission in the Bacolod Philippines Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  After his mission, he attended college at Brigham Young University, the very school his great-great grandfather, Karl G. Maeser was commissioned by Brigham Young to start.  Brigham Young said: “We have been considering the establishment of a Church school, and are looking around for a man – a man to take charge of it.  You are the man, Brother Maeser.  We want you to go to Provo to organize and conduct an Academy to be established in the name of the Church – A Church School.”

Nathan married his sweetheart, Meredith, and they are the parents of three wonderful children.  They reside in the Pacific Northwest.

Nathan and his brother had talked many years about doing something using the creative art and messages that would go out to family and friends.  They have created MaeserArt under the business name of Higher Learning Productions and are excited about the development of different items such as posters, games, books, etc. that can help teach, inspire and uplift others.  

Their hope is that whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever you do, you will find encouragement and hope in the items produced through MaeserArt.  Karl G. Maeser said, “Be yourself, but always your better self.”  That is the whole purpose and desire of MaeserArt.