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About us

Maeser was born in American Fork, UT.  He is the youngest of eight siblings.  By the time he was three, Maeser was already showing an interest in creating and drawing.  He would spend hours drawing, coloring, gluing, taping or creating different “costumes” to made-up stories he, his siblings or other neighborhood children acted out.  During his grade school, Jr. High and High School years, he won many awards for his creative writing, drawing, and painting.

Maeser wants to use his talents and gifts in a positive, motivational, and inspiring way. MaserArt allows him this opportunity.  

Nathan was born in American Fork, Utah.  He is the sixth child of eight siblings and is an older brother to Maeser Anderson. He has a passion for business and technology and lends a hand to Maeser to help him get his message out.