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To Be Worthy Does Not Mean To Be Perfect

One of the most mean and cruel tricks the adversary uses against us is to tell us IF we aren't perfect, we aren't worthy. This is a lie, and we need to push it out of our minds. Heavenly Father knew NONE of us would be perfect in this life. This is precisely why He sent his Son to help lead us home. ⠀

If you are reading this today, and aren't feeling worthy for one reason or the other, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Do a little better today than you did yesterday. The Savior loves any effort we make to be and do better. Our worthiness comes in the way we honor Him and follow His commandments. We do our best, and we keep fighting.⠀

I had a very special experience on my mission that confirmed why I needed to be a missionary. As I discussed this experience with one of my leaders, he said the following, "just think Elder Anderson, the Savior called you to serve for two years, so you could learn to be worthy and ready to have this special experience!" He was right. I served 1,051,200 minutes as a full-time missionary. It took nearly 1,051,198 of them to prepare me for the experience the Lord was preparing me for.

So it goes in our lives. We may not be perfect every second of every day, but we can strive for perfection in brief moments. The Lord is willing and waiting to bless us. Don't ever give up on Him or His Gospel! He is counting on all of us to do our part in His GREAT work! Remember, the adversary doesn't want us to feel or think we are worthy of God's great blessings. By doing your best each day, that is enough. ⠀


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