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So Much In Life Depends On Our Attitude

There was a time on my mission where nothing was going my way. It rained every single day, and I was miserable. No one wanted to talk to us. ⠀

One day my companion confronted me and told me to change my bad attitude. He said it wasn't helping anything. At first I was upset, but realized he was right. He told me to take a deep breath and suck it up.⠀

I took his advice and tried my best to change my attitude. When I started to get frustrated I would take a deep breath.⠀

Then it happened!⠀

As if magically, things started to turn in our favor. People started letting us in their homes. We were having success. Little by little, good things were happening. I remember walking home one night and feeling like life couldn't get any better.⠀

Soon after, we met the man that would change my mission and life. He had been waiting for us to find him. His conversion and journey is something I will cherish for as long as I live.⠀

I realized Heavenly Father had this man prepared. He was just waiting on two willing missionaries with good attitudes. This is a lesson I have drawn from almost every day of my life. Our attitudes matter. So much in life depends on our attitude.


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