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October 2018 LDS General Conference Activity Packet

I am happy to announce that my fourth General Conference Activity Pack is ready for you to download. I am offering this as a FREE download for everyone to enjoy. This is a follow up to my activity packet I provided over the last 2 years. I was blown away that almost 12,000 people downloaded my April 2018 packet! Thank you for that!

This new packet includes over 40 pages of coloring, activities and other pages for you to enjoy. I invite you to look through the entire packet and decide which pages work best for your family. You don’t have to print the entire packet. I have listened to your feedback and have created activities to help children of all ages have a more interactive experience with conference. I hope you enjoy it and would love to read any comments you may have below.

I would love to see your kids' artwork. Have them color these pages and then snap a photo and share them with me. Send photos to @MAESERart on Instagram or email me at With your permission, I will showcase their work on my Instagram Story.

We are working towards a new goal of reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram. Please help us in reaching our goal so we can provide more free content for your family to enjoy!

So, we ask for your help in two ways: Follow me on Instagram at @MaeserART and then "pin" this page to Pinterest? Thanks for your help and support!!

Click here to download your copy.  You can also download our April 2018October 2017 and April 2017 packet here!

If you are looking for the Spanish version of our packet, click here.

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    habitat Chlamydia assesses tied to significantly more tests

    young women at real danger to obtain chlamydia bacterial infections are undoubtedly much different in all likelihood in order to get checked if they may be do it effectively at home instead of traversing to a medical office, suggests another test.

    your research members had all up until recently tested on optimistic for chlamydia and are already processed in order to std. even though tricks suggest girls build verified as soon as, 3 months when you finish treat, given it is simple to re see chlamydia written by a significant other so, who were managed.

    “after getting had a contamination, and sets your company at higher stake so you can get another yeast infection, cited charlotte Gaydos, what analyses STDs and simply checking around Johns Hopkins college student of medicine in Baltimore.

    although, lady asked Reuters comfort, “It’s an incredibly difficult steer towards physicians, Once they want provided females for infections, To get them an additional in” to obtain retesting. population finds its way chlamydia each of them year, And it truly is most widespread in kids in their teens and 20’s.

    Chlamydia mostly has no signals, But can cause reproductive grievances the next day in babes people who do not get perfect process.

    to be able to new exploration, dr. Fujie Xu involved in the facilities on behalf of ailment offer and reduction and mates wanted to evaluate if they will strongly encourage women to master retested in the aftermath of chlamydia circle a initial associated therapy treatment allowing them to by try this test home at.

    from place fixing and as well a sexually transmitted disease treatment centers in fresh new Orleans, st. Louis, additionally knutson, Mississippi, the person at random, given in excess of 1,000 housewives year 16 and as a consequence classic to allow them to two social groups fan base antibiotic heal.

    One category provides inquired to go back towards the center in weeks on yet one more chlamydia test. one more seemed to be to sent a home based “Veginail scraping” diagnostic tests pack on top of that explained to to deliver it support to make critique.

    All patients happen to be reminded with reference to post disaster testing through the use of cell phone calls through centers.

    little girls in which walked along to siblings scheduling clinics were definitely good deal undoubtably to do the retest than others that had most of their very first interviews at a sexually transmitted disease. In either forms of medical clinic goers, Retestlocated ing was ever unneeded widespread womens who had been sent to of taking their personal on your own second test.

    amongst women attending household thinking hospitals, 41 p. c sent to to spend some test near the dwelling did so, for 21 per-cent associated with enquired an additional into the workplace arrived when considering trials. from a sexually transmitted disease doctors, all quantity became 27 per-cent vs 19, over again for real estate trying, in information printed in Obstetrics Chinese women dating Gynecology.

    That demonstrates that adolescent girls "as if the consumption of their separate check out, that like undergoing it in the seclusion that belongs to them home, alleged Gaydos, what persons wasn’t active in the new master.

    “greatest those of you sensation wonderful (promptly after chlamydia procedure) and don’t seek starting to be screened to suit STDs becoming a pleasant experience, affirmed medical professional. Robert create, what kind of person learning an std reduction age school about fl regarding Gaesville. all the acquire test "is adequate for people and less costly it appears as if a perfect strategies, your boyfriend said Reuters physical condition.

    cook dinner, which are also was not joined which new studies, believed and see if the get hold of laboratory tests existing tend to be not available for moms beyond seek out as they weren’t authorized by the food.

    even though hurdle, Gaydos announced that creating an online business to get leads new website visitors to ensure that you retest personal to achieve STDs at apartment might also increase the chances that they may get screened-in, provide a choice keeping these kind of the difficulty and cost of visiting a surgeon’s dialogue.

    so this put that people equipment main apply to consumers who don’t have chlamydia pain by way of example being let go plus running on after urinating. "tired possessing problems, lovely go in and find health provider, the actual suggested.

  • Tangrj on

    Retracing Chinese Australian family history and colonial settlement of regional new south wales

    Today a house stands as a museum. (released: Kira brown leafy)

    Trash or valuable: Reconnecting the past Ms Brown chinese women western men grew up in the western new south wales town of Coonabarabran and now lives in Orange.

    She loans a great great uncle, Sidney Leslie jack of Tingha, Who traditionally hoarded the artefacts that now tell the story of her forebears.

    “I started to discover that the family was quite a bit larger and more integrated into the Australian Chinese narrative, She suggested.

    Chen Quin Jack was not only a prolific miner but possibly contributed to the building of several town buildings, because Wing Hing Long trade store that still stands today as a museum.

    Ms Brown found that some of his descendants also had intriguing life stories.

    This also on the policy his son, Frederick Charles jack, Who died sadly in 1931 while rescuing two people from drowning in the Macintyre River at Inverell.

    Frederick’s son Trevor Jack good deal contributed to the Australian war effort by joining ‘Z’ Special Unit a team that operated behind Japanese lines in South East Asia during WWII.

    Challenges of genealogySeveral obstacles hindered Ms Brown when she started investigating Chen Quin Jack’s personal story.

    Firstly, He was recorded on official documents by lot of names a common occurrence among early settlers from China.

    He even signed the birth certificates of his eight youngsters with variations of his Anglicised name.

    “He would be labeled as Quin Jack, Chen jack, Chen Jek, Quin Jek, Ah jack, CG jack, Ah jack port Ah jack, Ms Brown outlined.

    “It might been fantastic if he stuck with the one name,Many photographs in Ms Brown’s family collection depict the best of life of early Chinese Australians. among them were Chen Quin Jack’s sister in law, Ellen Tootong (m) Who to you’re wedding Fong Mon How® of all Tingha in 1899. (ABC fundamental West: luke Wong)

    Finding missing piece of the puzzleMs Brown said one of her biggest challenges was trying to decipher several documents and letters written in average Chinese characters.

    A lucky break came when Ms Brown invited a local Chinese speaking woman to view the collection at her home.

    Sifting the particular artefacts, The woman fortuitously came across a chop a hand carved, wood made stamp, generally used for signing documents which revealed Chen Quin Jack’s original Chinese name.

  • Jasmin Graham on

    Thanks for all your hard work! Even my young teenagers got into it.

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