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Keep My Commandments

I have been thinking a lot about how I can better honor and serve the Savior. As I've studied and thought on this, the phrase "Keep My Commandments," keeps running through my mind.

The Savior is simply asking us to keep His commandments. By doing so, we can be protected and blessed. This isn't a magic formula or a big secret. If we follow what He has commanded us, we will find ourselves on the right path. This is how we honor and serve Him best. Remember, these are His commandments. They were given for our safety and good.

Since pondering this, I've tried to imagine the Savior speaking directly to me. I've tried to hear His voice. As I've done this, the power of, "Keep My Commandments," has new meaning.


Easily download this drawing here.  For a version without a background, click here.

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