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I The Lord am Bound When Ye Do What I Say

The Savior is real! He knows each of us personally and individually. His love is unlike anything else we can find in this life or the next. He knows our heart, our thoughts, and our pains. He feels are heartache and knows when we struggle. We knew Him so personally before coming to earth. We sat with Him and were taught at His feet. We laughed and cried with Him. Our relationship with Him is powerful and real.

When we came to this life, we forgot our life from before. We have to rely on the Spirit to help us remember those feeling we felt. When we read the scriptures and listen to inspiring music, our minds and hearts remember and it feels INCREDIBLE!

The Savior knew this life would be the hardest thing for all of us. He knew we needed to come here so we could ultimately become like our Heavenly Father. He knew this so much, that he personally volunteered to come and sacrifice His life for us. Think about that...He knew we would need help. He was willing and ready without hesitation. He knew how much it meant to Father, and how much it meant to us.

He came to earth and conquered sin and death. He made it personal so he could help us as no one else can. ALL He asks is that we follow His commandments. There is no trick formula or secrets to this plan. If we do what He has said, we will receive EVERYTHING the Father has. How absolutely incredible is this? We have everything to gain and everything to lose.

Don't let the adversary fool you. He knows we have everything to gain. He knows we have an opportunity to return to our heavenly home. He will do everything in his power to make us tune out the Savior's voice in our lives. We must do everything we can to not let this happen. We are all in this together.

Stay strong and know heaven is cheering us on! We have the Savior of the world on our side, and with Him, we will not lose!


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