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He Knows Your Heart

Before my mission, I really wondered if Jesus needed me to represent Him. I had made some mistakes and lost my way. Forgiving myself was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I would pray cautiously wondering if He heard me. The answers didn't come as quick as I wanted them to. I didn't feel anything.⠀

Soon after, I was driving to work and the most powerful and warm feeling came over me. I knew in that moment that Jesus Christ knew who I was and He knew my heart. I began to cry, as I had never in my life felt what I was feeling. ⠀

I've thought about that day many times since. I have drawn so much strength from that experience. I know today, just as I did back then, that the Savior loves me and knows me personally. He knows I make mistakes and scrape my knees. He knows my heart and my inner most feelings. His love and goodness is so uniquely individual. He knows and understands each of us perfectly.⠀

Hold your head high today. God's perfect and powerful Son understands you. In this very moment He is feeling what you are feeling. You are not alone. Have confidence in this and know you are loved!


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