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Easter Week: Wednesday - The Master Teacher

Easter Week

The events of the last Wednesday of Christ’s life are unknown. We can safely assume Jesus spent this time teaching and serving. He was the Master Teacher.

His words and teachings are powerful and true. If we allow our hearts and minds to receive His teachings, our lives will change and improve. We each have an individual responsibility to share our testimonies of Christ.

We do this by the way we live and treat others. We do this in how we study and apply His teachings. We choose each day how much the Savior means to us.

I’m so grateful Jesus Christ spent His life and ministry teaching and loving. His goodness is for all.

It reminds me of a man who was in my home ward growing up. He had the kindest eyes and the warmest smile. He was older, but that didn’t slow him down. What stood out to me the most about him was his love of the Savior. He showed this love by the way he served and treated all of us.

You could’ve asked every single ward member, and we would all tell you he was our best friend. He never missed an activity or service project. He wasn’t a man of many words, but when he did speak it was powerful.

One Sunday he got up to share his testimony. It lasted all of about 20 seconds, but it was the most humble and powerful testimony. He expressed his love for the Savior and nothing else. That’s always stuck with me. This man was a true disciple of our Savior. He knew the Master and it showed in the way he lived his life.

Here it is, almost 25 years later and I can still remember this man’s testimony. Every time I complain or don’t want to go to a service project, this man’s face pops into my mind. I know the Savior better because I knew this man and felt of his goodness.

The same goes for each of us. How we live Christ’s teachings will help others know Him better.


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