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Easter Week: Tuesday - Teaching in Jerusalem

Easter Week

The authorities in Jerusalem were very much aware of the presence of Jesus. They were also aware of what He did at the temple and the buzz it caused. Now they found him teaching at the Temple Mount, with many listening to His every word. In hopes they can get Jesus to say something wrong or untrue, they relentlessly question Him.

They have no idea they are dealing with the literal Son of God. Jesus responds with love and kindness. His answers are inspired and true. They make the authorities more upset. Jesus knew His teaching and His answers all but sealed His fate. It didn’t matter.

Although the opposition was great, He continued to teach. What a beautiful example for ALL of us! He was teaching the very people who would remain silent in his defense in a few short days. How I wish I could have been there to listen to Him.

As I’ve thought about this, I realized we are all sitting at His feet as if we were in Jerusalem. He still teaches through His Prophet and Apostles in our day. How do we listen? What do we do with the teachings we’ve been given? Do we jump in excitement when the Lord asks us to do something? Do we follow His counsel and teachings with exactness? Do we follow His Prophet?

Just like the people in Jerusalem, we too decide how we listen and what we do with what we’ve heard. How we respond shows how we love and honor our Savior.

President Nelson told us time was running out in conference. Jesus was teaching the exact same thing. His earthly ministry was days away from being over. He knew it and no one else had a clue.

Behind the scenes, evil men were planning His destruction. He did not care. He was on His Father’s business and would not stop until it was done.

I pray we will ALL do our part in listening and following the teachings of Jesus.

I hope we will read and review each and every conference talk.

I pray we will apply those teachings to our lives and be those who honor Jesus by our actions.

He is counting on each of us to do our part. How we act and how we respond shows clearly and precisely the love we have for Him who gave us EVERYTHING.


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