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Easter Week: Thursday - The Garden of Gethsemane

Easter Week

The time was at hand. Jesus collects His apostles and observes Passover with them. Reverently and with tender care, He washes the feet of each apostle.

Can you even begin to imagine this? The Son of God, kneeling on the floor, washing feet? He was serving them in a way that couldn’t be done with words. Still, they couldn’t comprehend who He really was, or what was going to happen over the next couple of days.

After enjoying the Last Supper together, they depart together to a quiet garden called Gethsemane. It’s here I wonder what the Savior felt and thought? He knew what was ahead of Him. He knew there was no way around it.

I’ve often thought what all of us were doing in heaven at this exact moment? We, too, knew what was about to happen. I wonder if our hearts broke for the pain and anguish that was about to be placed squarely on our Brother’s shoulders?

I wonder if we knelt in prayer together and prayed? I wonder if we noticed Father and His pain? We were utterly and completely helpless. Jesus had to do this alone.

I wonder if the Savior looked up into the night sky and felt our love and support? Quietly and completely unnoticed, the Son of God gently knelt down. How He started His prayer or what He said we may never know. All we know is what is recorded in scripture.

I can’t even begin to comprehend the pain and anguish He felt. I can’t even go there. The greatest of us all withered in pain as He took all the sins, sickness, heartache and pain on Himself. He bled. He bled from every pore of His body.

This was a sacrifice only He could make. It’s important to understand He did all of this willingly.

He did this for you and me.

We witnessed this from heaven. We must have rejoiced with tears running down our cheeks as we realized what His sacrifice meant for all of us.

His victory was our victory!

Today, I honor our Savior and recognize His sacrifice. I love and thank Him for paying the price for me. His sacrifice gives me the opportunity to return to my heavenly home, and be with Him and Father again someday.


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