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Easter Week: Palm Sunday - Triumphal Entry

For Easter, we’ve decided to focus on the last week of the Savior’s life in detail. Today, we focus on when Jesus Christ rode triumphantly into Jerusalem.

I’ve often thought about this and what the Savior must have been thinking? His followers laid down cloaks and palm fronds in His path. It had to be incredible to witness, and even more incredible to know that in a few short days no one would come to His defense.

Like everything Jesus Christ did, His entrance fulfilled prophecy. The Savior arriving in Jerusalem the way He did, reminds us that Heavenly Father keeps His promises to us.

Jesus knew this welcome was going to be short lived. He knew his days were numbered, but He did it anyway. He was on His Father’s mission. He was not going to back down, or turn away because it was about to get difficult. Simply put, He was doing it for each of us. He was going to accomplish the impossible and give us the GREATEST gift.

I hope we honor the Savior each day, and not because of a Holiday.

I hope we aren’t like those who welcomed Him into Jerusalem when it was safe and easy, but quickly turn our backs when things become hard or difficult.

The Savior needs ALL of us to accomplish this great work. He knew we would fail and sometimes we would scrape our knees. When life is tough, and things seem a little out of control, remember the Savior’s simple and genuine act of arriving in Jerusalem. This one act set off a course of events that would change the course of our lives forever.


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