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Easter Week: Monday - Cleansing of the Temple

Easter Week

I can’t even begin to understand how Jesus must have felt as He entered the temple in the last week of His life. What he saw must have hurt Him to His core. What once was holy and sacred, was now nothing short of a street market.

This was His Father’s house. How his heart must have ripped as He thought about the sacred mission He was about to complete. He was doing it for His Father, and for each of us.

Just like this temple, our temples today are sacred and holy.

Just like this temple, our chapels are holy.

How are we treating these places that are sacred? Do we show reverence as we arrive to take the sacrament? Do we make temple attendance a priority?

I attended a temple sealing a while ago. As we waited for the sealing, we were gathered in a waiting room. The room was filled with people anxious to offer their love and support. The volume in the room kept getting louder and louder as people visited with each other.

Pretty soon, it sounded like we were in a normal room anywhere in the world having a wonderful time. A temple worker entered the room and in a soft, loving voice, reminded us where we were and to please whisper only if needed. This reminder lasted all of ten seconds as the volume returned.

Now, I don’t think anyone in this room was trying to be disrespectful. We were all happy to be there, and for some, they hadn’t seen each other in some time. I sat with my wife in a small sofa. We both held each other’s hand, and remained silent. It hurt my heart to know we were not being reverent in the Lord’s house.

Suddenly, another worker entered the room, and with a voice I’ll never forget, let us know whose house we were in. The worker stood there with a look in his eyes I will NEVER forget. He looked slowly around the room to make sure we all understood. I remember seeing this worker’s chin start to quiver. He was doing everything he could not to cry. He was heartbroken. Not another sound came out of that waiting room. We got the message loud and clear.

I’ve never forgotten that experience and remember it each time I attend the temple. Temples are sacred, and we must treat them as such.

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