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Easter Week: Friday - Crucifixion and Burial

Easter Week

After offering the greatest sacrifice in our behalf, Jesus is betrayed by one of His own and arrested in the early hours of the morning. His accusers want Him gone.

He is sentenced to death. He will be crucified.

He is brutally beaten and savagely mocked. A crown of thorns is placed on His head.

As if His pain and suffering weren’t enough, His accusers make Him carry His cross. His body is badly beaten and broken.

Thick nails are driven through the palms of His holy hands and wrists. The same hands that performed miracles and blessed so many.

That afternoon, Jesus dies on the cross.

Those who remained faithfully by His side are devastated. His accusers think they’ve won. Had we been able to see His body, we would shrink in horror. He was beaten and tortured in the worst ways possible. His punishment didn’t equal His made up crimes. I can’t even begin to imagine those who held the responsibility of tending to His body after His death.

Jesus Christ suffered such profound pain so He could understand ours. His suffering was personal in every way.


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