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April 2019 General Conference Activity Packet

I am happy to announce my fifth General Conference Activity Pack is ready for you to download. I am offering this as a FREE download for everyone to enjoy. This is a follow up to my activity packet I provided over the last 2 years. These packets have been downloaded by thousands of you all over the world. Thank you for that!

This new packet includes coloring, activities and other pages for you to enjoy. One feature we are really excited about are the visual aides for you and your family to enjoy during and after conference. We invite you to look through the entire packet and decide which pages work best for your family. You don’t have to print the entire packet. I hope you enjoy this conference packet.

I would love to read any comments you may have below.  Also, I would love to see your artwork. Color these pages and then snap a photo and share them with me. Send photos to @MAESERart on Instagram or email me at With your permission, I will showcase the artwork on an Instagram Story.

Please spread the word with family, neighbors and friends. You can also help by following us on Instagram at @MaeserART and then "pin" this page to Pinterest, or post on other social media sites. Thanks for your help and support!!

Click here to download your copy. You can also download our October 2018, April 2018, October 2017 and April 2017 packets here!

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  • Megan Sorensen on

    This is an awesome packet! The activities are great! Thank you so much for putting it together and sharing it :)

  • Tamara on

    Thanks so much for doing this! Fantastic!

  • Elaine Fluckiger on

    I love your work. Thank you for sharing. I have no children, but I share this with all my nieces and nephews so their children can enjoy and learn. I also share with my neighbors, ministering sisters and brothers. May Heavenly Father bless you and your family for helping us all learn more about Him and our Saviors gospel. PS I also print myself a copy. :o)

  • Camila on

    Thank you for sharing this cute packet!! I was looking for something my kids could do while also pay attention to General Conference. You did such a good job with it!!

  • Heather on

    Thank you for giving so freely of your talents so that this is available to anyone who could benefit from it. Bless you! These packets are absolutely amazing! Well done. 💗

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