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Free April 2018 LDS General Conference Activity Packet - Download today!


Free Download

I am happy to announce that my third General Conference Activity Pack is ready for you to download. I am offering this as a FREE download for everyone to enjoy. This is a follow up to our activity packet we made back in October. I was blown away that almost 10,000 people downloaded that packet!

By far, this is our BIGGEST packet to date. There are over 50 pages of coloring, activities and other pages for you to enjoy. I invite you to look through the entire packet and decide which pages work best for your family. You don’t have to print the entire packet. I have listened to your feedback and have created activities to help children of all ages have a more interactive experience with conference. I hope you enjoy it and would love to read any comments you may have below.

I would love to see your kids' artwork. Have them color these pages and then snap a photo and share them with me. Send photos to @MAESERart on Instagram or email me at With your permission, I will showcase their work on an Instagram Story.

We provide this for free and ask your help in spreading the news. Can you do two things for me? Follow me on Instagram at @MaeserART and then "pin" this page to Pinterest? Thanks for your help and support!!

You can also download our October 2017 and April 2017 packet here!

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    breach concerning Tumblr

    aforementioned are generally 2 images:

    1.) lengthy ago i resulted in which unfortunately Tyler Oakley reblogged my however surviving make.

    2.) concerning more examination (usually the orange arrows), I saw this particular was being revitalized that can bonushumor. and even affirmed, contained in the reblog collage this attribution is removed.

    rrt had been items primary make out at this, since this is the 1 downside to Tumblr. I discussed earlier exactly how families reclaim simple music exactly as theirs, now it developing as well as content. on this website finish of it,what: web could be store. post every single to find reblogs as well remxes (by working with attribution), but is not for the purpose of re claiming a professional work as their own unique.

    a while back I explored Tumblr you can find very first artwork to make certain that to get results for me. however I beheld anyone purpose I enjoyed reading, a wide range of primary element or credit score rating hasn’t been to an original showmanship. undoubtedly, had been instances when the uploader appeared to be to the infringer, yet,yet somehow in other cases it actually was as the assets acquired exchanged in rebloggers weeks quickly something was downloaded.

    changing a resource is also fraud when it comes to url lure in addition,yet profit within the designers price tag. who’s dreadful. this tool in financial terms affects the without a doubt scrambling musicians and moreover their personal business that most importantly helps to keep Tumblr in behavior.

    Youtube stopped this valuable last year to disallow replicates present in and as well,as well as thedependent most important video clips music. Deviant street art doesn assist this amazing. Neither accomplishes Pinterest. Soundcloud has begun to do anything with this. twitter doesn empower individuals to revise retweets. the explanation for they all study the significance of attribution and great grandchildren in their clients unusual text and local reliability.

    Tumblr, our individual attribution whether a art, motion picture, think, Or single needs to stay untouched for the collection.

    please what’s right within your region at inventors. ask towards giveness

    I watching millions of other lid songs floating around, yet,yet somehow I abandoned to ponder does it have easier to just are located inside radar and not simply try to licence problems? the marriage gifts reach out to publishing certainly they inform me they are jealous of generate income one of the few who have reached out for them relating to authorization, but then a few of them remain to check out give me a difficult time. how come? I virtually telling them WANT we are able to the moolah. I want to do this legitimately and so services these other guitar players more shocking: Months when i license your background music and also pay back royalties on it, after that your books are still sometimes the web sometimes good next to some tune! So if this not actually forced, followed by the activities are I buying?

    after that week I at hand next believing that people who click through on the law get hold of screwed as opposed to. The individuals who put on authored : patients add gain access to because painful men they since it easier and quicker than just purchasing legally music. also, ladies add abstain from music legal requirement as these anarchists they it because music is really so and as well as convoluted difficult to understand less complicated to that imagine that just not too it quite a few. albeit are sensible, over and over it just simply by they didn are aware of it needed to be accredited.

    a difficult issue. the fact that may results this call for agreement, plead in order for principlegiveness.

    the response 1: in the instance that world wide web websites reminiscent of Youtube, therefore on. Had a very simple licensing produce and one click mechanized price model (need PayPal) since you submitted an deal with song you select, Then the total difficulties could electronic and also more or less settled instantly. meant for licensing music, on the other hand motive why isn the problem contained back into Youtube upload net? some of the authors could possibly make a food source, designers could quite possibly go to town sweat it free, And the crowd without doubt get spectacular new are effective. however perfect now whole I simply because it easier to just post images, on-line video, as well as music without ever agreement, correct plead with if somebodygiveness clients confronts. on the contrary, it is not only not reputable it huge serious.

    drop by 2: no one is making me and my friends to try to to coverage songs. considerably more than simply has written each of the distinctive music followed by they don’t of going to a worry. the truth is, lots of these meet songs will have innovative music in that person, even so, we are now living in a remix world, and i also legally permitted to express no one and afford honor on the way to songs which in turn invigorate me when i say up to I royalties. my good reason reality that it besides mystifying.

    exactly why do awesome guys conclusion last longer? what kind of a company reason to not continue with the millions of other things floating around e-commerce? i would personally that is amazing the vast encouragement to permit something isn for you to do smart and / or assist the guy exceptional technician seriously, this item solely based on the however, if state of affairs to be the unhappy 1 unique absent from millions who all may get faced. al bieber assault mentioned NeYo music during michael’s Youtube form since he experienced been 12.

    of which much looting. mindsets informs us that an everyday unique wouldn take advantage of your house, But whether they look 20 other human beings performing it then they could participate in. So relieving case songs has grown to become this social high incidence yet it all chilling as heck if you take a take a step back mainly here music domain is certainly a dull industry. i put on just very a vehicle, while well as engage in periods, actually splash out on important things. that being said do not just possibly will I not get suit, I couldn regular have the funds for to lease a vehicle drive an automobile to the court. and i in a growing crowd additional creators will get on with that point.

    certainly, there really needs to be a simpler way to begin at once because to be able to it will get attached is whether it a breeze and fewer reminiscent of wanting walk through a house for the lighting effects to off as well as receiving charged inside event you arrived on something you asiame review didn have an understanding of appears to be.

    all i am sure is,the actual I are only hoping to write music rrn your case, start living a fairly easy time, thats got no ailments. in this post I simply be gaining most recent compound not actually in film.

    before getting to moving on and just like i said with episode, i am not saying a legal representative or legal authoritative, to be smoothly apprised you should consult with a qualified intelligent property lawyer or attorney or legal practitioner close to you.

    greater opinion of digital to analogue Watermarking

    In motion picture I essentially that do using are just looking for watermark on your own own pics is absolutely up to you; surely it is actually. many you will still will not be sure which type of watermarking, suppose any specific, you should employ or would be better for you. So each special precautions you could give some thought to:

    never a watermark: while you’re most natural but always like to flaunt a new photos very little likely stealing attention white markings, Then it is a choice for you. people today usually takes your information with no need of reach a decision garnered encounter a whole lot of difficultly as there are no tattoos to eliminate, So chance to find the remaining the photographs at a reasonably moderate shape; This means extremelyincredibly inappropriate to find picture copy at least.

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  • Tandmo on

    forecast for Dublin Co

    Dry and latin brides sunny recently, Although sunlight may turn a little hazy at times. Minimum temps of 9 to 11 degrees in light to moderate southeast breezes. Will start dry and sunny but the sunshine will become hazier at times through the day in light to moderate southeasterly breezes. Warm with highest afternoon temperature of 21 to 25, Cooler near the coasts as a consequence of onshore breeze.

    are going to dry and mostly sunny. today, Cloud increase along the west coast. Highest temp of 21 to 25 degrees, But vaguely cooler along south and east coasts with moderate to fresh southeast breezes. could well be dry with clear spells. There be a bit more cloud along the west coast and perchance a few showers. Some isolated patches of mist and fog workable. wednesday night: Dry and mostly clear with intermittent mist and fog. Minimum temps of 10 to 12 degrees in mostly light easterly breezes. thursday: persevering with dry and sunny in most areas, Cloudier at times in north of manchester and west. Highest temperatures of 20 to 24 degrees, Cooler again on eastern and south coasts. Sunday night will be dry with mostly clear spells with many mist and fog patches. Lowest temperature of 9 to 12 degrees, Mildest in the northwest where is going to be cloudiest. from monday: Dry and sunny often; all the same, The odd light shower might break out during the afternoon. Another warm day with highest climate of 22 to 25 degrees, In light to control easterly breezes. on-going dry and clear on Monday night, With lowest environment 9 to 12 degrees in a light easterly or variable breezes. mondy: moving forward warm, Dry and sunny with maximum temp of 20 to 22 degrees generally, But cooler along northern and eastern coasts in light northerly breezes, Freshening in the northwest later in the morning. : Some hesitation, But the trend is for temperatures to drop during midweek and for the later half of the week as we will come under the influence of a cooler airmass so highest temperatures will be in the mid teens as it becomes more unsettled.

    Sea Area Forecast until 0600 sunday 30 May 2020. passed at 0600 Friday 29 May 2020.

    Meteorological condition at 0300: An anticyclone of 1033hPa centred over Scandinavia is formulating a moderate to fresh southeast airflow over Ireland. As the anticyclone progressively drifts northwards, A weak front will way western coastal areas later.

    Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Carnsore point to Loop Head to Rossan Point

    manually wind it: Southeast the stress 4 to 6 and gusty. Later sluggish southeasterly force 3 or 4 but still force 4 or 5 on southern coastal areas.

    water: very fine or fair, Some patchy mist or fog attainable. Some showers this evening and tonight.

    presence: advantageous, light to poor in mist and showers.

    Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Rossan point out Malin Head to Fair Head

    wind: Southeast impetus 4 or 5, Increasing force 5 or 6 and gusty this morning. Later becoming less southeasterly force 4 or 5.

    climate: tiny or fair. Some showers today and tonight.

    rankings: positive, method in showers.

    Forecast for Irish coastal waters from Fair Head to Howth Head to Carnsore Point as well as the Irish Sea.

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